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OBITUARY: A Zine for Animals I've Buried

$15.00 / Sold Out

There will be a unique second edition printed with changes to color, paper, or other printing specs; please check back in late October if you are interested in buying the 2nd edition version!

risograph-printed zine
5"x7", 16 pages, 2 colors
signed & numbered 1st edition of 200.

Created for "Zenith & Nadir" at Antler Gallery in Portland, printed by Risolve Studio.

Note that this is about half writing and half images, and that part of the charm of risograph printing is its imperfections, like colors printed out of register, roller marks, etc.

$2 from each sale of this zine will be donated to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota, one of the nation's largest care facilities for injured, sick, and orphaned wild animals.